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The Deadpool 3D LED Lamp  :

Fascinating, innovative and completely original, the Deadpool 3D LED Lamp  is the must-have of the moment!

Our lamps consist of an engraved and laser cut plexiglass plaque and an illuminated LED base. The engraved pattern lights up when the base is switched on, giving an impressive 3D hologram effect! For the living room, bedside or desk, this lamp lends a modern touch to your home!

In addition to the impressive optical illusion effect, this Superman 3D LED lamp‘s soothing mood lighting is ideal for intimate atmospheres.

Thanks to the range of illuminated bases available on, you can change colours whenever you like. Simply use the touch-sensitive controls on the base, or the remote control supplied with most of the bases, so you don’t even have to get up. Choose an illuminated base that features your favourite design!

All our products are produced by laser engraving and cutting in our workshops located in France. We produce your orders within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and deliver to your door within 48 hours throughout Europe.

In terms of electric energy consumption, all of our 3D Lamps are extremely economical. That’s because our designs consume 3 to 5 watts, which is very little for a light fixture.

All our products have a 1-year guarantee. Quality is assured. If your base should be defective during this period, we will replace it as soon as possible. Nevertheless, our products are particularly reliable: the 3D lamps are designed for a minimum duration of 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to more than 5 years based on keeping the lamp on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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How our 3D Lamps work:


7 colours Black LED Base with touch-sensitive + remote control (€13)

7 colours Black LED Base with touch-sensitive + remote control (€13)

Diameter of the base: 9.2 cm Height: 4.3 cm Material: ABS Operation: – 7 colours lights – Functions: Fixed colour + 2 automatic colour-change modes: gradually changing or flashing. – Adjustable light intensity. – Programming: 4 hour, 5 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour. The lamp switches off automatically after the set time. Technical details: – Connection by USB cable or batteries (3 X AAA) – Micro-USB output – Output voltage: 5V – Lights wattage: 3W Scope of delivery: – The base – Remote control – USB cable

16 colours cracked white base with touch-sensitive + remote control (18€)

16 colours cracked white base with touch-sensitive + remote control (18€)

Without (€0)

Without (€0)

Please note! If you buy a plaque without an illuminated base, please make sure that your base was purchased on our website. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of our products with bases from third parties.