Technical advice

How do I choose the right photos?

1. Choose original photos taken with a recent camera or phone, rather than photos received by MMS or downloaded from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc… This is because they are compressed, which makes them lose quality.
2. For group photos, be as close as possible, (no need to crop a photo taken from afar, the quality will not be any better).
3. Choose a photo of a person facing forwards, rather than in profile.
4. A well-framed photo is best: avoid having part of the body cut out (especially the top or side of the head).
5. Choose a photo with a homogeneous light source. Avoid photos where shadows fall on the faces, for example, photos taken in the sun, wearing a cap.

As a general rule, choose a photo that is:
– Beautifully bright and sharp: watch out for photos that are too dark, backlit, blurred or that feature people with shadows on their faces…
– Avoid pixellated photos, this phenomenon is often due either to a poor quality device or to an image downloaded from the internet or sent by MMS, which can alter the quality of your photo:

On the left is an example of a good quality photo; on the right is an example of a pixellated photo.

Should I crop my photos as I want them to look?

Your photos are processed by a team of experienced graphic designers, you can count on them to get the most out of your photo, we strongly recommend that you do not modify your photos before sending them to us. There is no need to change the brightness, contrast or add filters.

It is therefore preferable that you leave the photo in its original form.
When placing your order, if you would like to give us any further specifications with regards to framing, you will be able to write a short note detailing what you would like, in the “additional details” section.
– Head and shoulder framing. Cut under the shirt collar.
– Head-to-toe framing.

Which file types can I send?

We only accept .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .bmp image files.

If you want to send us a different type of file, such as .pdf .psd .ai .eps for example, you can place your order without adding a file and send the file to us separately at [email protected] along with your order number.
For logos, vector files are welcome.

How do I choose which plaque size to have?

We offer 3 plaque sizes:
– A5 size (15 cm x 20 cm)
– A4 size (20 cm x 30 cm)
– Customised size (specified when ordering)

Certain types of customised cutouts are only available in one size.

For A5 and A4 formats, these dimensions refer to the surface area on which the graphic visual (photo or logo) will appear. Please take the proportions of the image into account (ie. height and width) as well as the margins (3 mm on each side).
The final dimensions of the plaque will depend on the proportions of your image (photo or logo).
Let’s take a simple example for a round or square logo.

Considering all proportions, the final dimensions will be:
– A5 size: 14.6 cm x 14.6 cm
– A4 size: 19.6 cm x 19.6 cm

Now let’s take the example of a profile of a car. The image is very wide, compared to its height.

Considering all proportions, the final dimensions will be:
– A5 size: 19.6 cm x 5 cm
– A4 size: 29.6 x 8 cm
In this case, we do not recommend choosing an A5-sized plaque, because it would be quite small, thereby reducing the visual appeal of your lamp.
For photos, however, the A5 format is suitable for a portrait of a single person (head / shoulder). For photos of 2 people or more, we advise you to choose an A4 format for the best result.